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Giant World Wireless is composed by many talented teams of IT engineers with over 20 years combined experience, that have a history of seeking opportunities to listen, innovate, solve, connect, communicate and create successful solutions for real world problems by exploring new markets for technological capabilities and product competencies to address the need of its customers.

These pursuits include establishing dedicated IoT business units, aimed in finding application enablement podium and implementing a Connectivity Support Platform (CSP), that have dedicated core network elements for the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) markets, and joining global IT alliances, and establishing meaningful partnerships with many companies in the IoT ecosystem to provide an effective products for its customer base and demands.

Giant World Wireless now has helped the rural area communities with wireless options, to find a way to communicate, that has helped bridge the digital divide that disproportionately hurts rural Americans, and many other residence of other countries of the World, and as well, has helped create jobs, improved and helped build broadband projects in rural areas that previously did not have access to High Speed Internet.

This efforts and capability is supplemented with our portfolio of globally certified 3G/4G M2M devices for countless other applications covering healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, infrastructure, agriculture, security, retail and smart buildings and cities.

Giant World Wireless is an innovative Mobile Internet Service provider, driving Global Transformation to a Connected World.