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Construction Sites

33G/4G LTE Construction Site

Construction sites require fast, secure and flexible connectivity from the very start of every project – and the use of more advanced applications, such as CAD packages and digital marketing suites, drives the need for increased bandwidth as well. Giant World Wireless’s 3G/4G solutions can enable construction organizations to instantly set up a temporary internet networks that can power all of site’s requirements.

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Construction Cabin

Container building

Rapid Connectivity for Temporary Sites

As temporary fixtures, construction site offices and marketing suites are reliant on access to their central databases and systems. They therefore require fast and secure connectivity from the very start of the project build – yet fixed line solutions can rarely meet this time-based objective, resulting in costly delays between the project start and connection dates.
By leveraging the power of our 3G/4G networks though, construction companies can implement fast and secure connectivity from day one the site began.
A mobile networking solution delivers a reliable temporary connection while waiting for the fixed line to be installed, empowering the site to progress at full speed right from the start and giving sites immediate access to their centralized back-office systems and applications.

Failover / Primary On-Site Connectivity

Wireless 3G/4G connectivity provides a powerful failover solution for construction sites, ensuring there is a connection to central databases and systems if and when the fixed line fails. It can also provide primary connectivity in rural locations where fixed line speeds are not sufficient or available.

Many organizations typically use our cellular devices for temporary connectivity initially, while they wait for the fixed line to be installed, and then continue to use it for failover afterwards – maximizing the return on their investment.

Giant World Wireless router

CCTV Monitoring and Management

With an abundance of expensive equipment and vehicles left on an uninhabited and often secluded site overnight, construction sites need to employ CCTV systems to help protect against theft and vandalism on the property.
Deploying cellular technologies to support these systems enables remote monitoring and management of CCTV equipment on site, without the need to install a fixed line, and also allows elective retrieval when footage needs to be accessed quickly.

Parallel Networking

Contractors often deploy crews to on-site locations where the customer cannot provide access to their Internet connection, either as a matter of network security or because they simply do not have the facility – yet the teams heavily rely on connectivity to access their centralized systems.
By employing our 3G/4G networking solution however, contractors can rapidly deploy an instant alternate fixed Mobile lines or WiFi hotspot so that the team can access the central systems they need, without affecting or requiring the customer’s primary network.

Construction workers

Marketing Suite Guest WiFi

Marketing suites frequently deliver guest WiFi to enhance the customer’s buying experience, but often don’t want the service to be connected to (and therefore potentially create risk in) their primary network. By installing our 3G/4G solution however the suite can creates a separate, parallel network to deliver this service hassle-free.

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