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SD WAN Internet

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At Giant World Wireless, we provide the fastest speed internet through the application of Software Defined (SD) WAN service, managed by lifecycle service orchestration that enables connectivity solutions that takes any network to the next level with better cost savings.

Our multi-WAN connections enable you to easily combine and manage many Internet routers behind a scene on a single gateway to ensure the best internet connectivity. It supports seamless Failover, Internet Bonding and Bonded VPN across multiple networks to provide fastest internet connectivity among branch offices and businesses Worldwide.

SD-WAN provides the fastest mobile wireless Internet connectivity through application deployments and uses path selection, dynamic traffic engineering and link condition analytics to optimize links and make internet connectivity as perfect, effective, and functional as possible and similarly make proper use of efficient bandwidth and resources to deliver superior application performance to all users in the most cost-efficient manner.

Our architecture of SD WAN uses a central controller behind the scenes with combination of configuration management tool and route reflector to create better internet connectivity.

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Optimally steer your application traffic.

With multiple Internet/broadband links, SD-WAN technology dynamically steers application traffic-on a per-packet basis, in the middle of active sessions-to ensure enterprise-grade performance and availability. Real-time analytics on actual link conditions enable sub-second traffic steering around black-outs and brown-outs.

With today’s growing Internet demands, Giant World Wireless provides a new foundation of innovation that delivers better customer experiences and business results, that optimizes, shapes traffic and provides orchestrated and coordinated bandwidth management solutions to companies and schools around the world.

Our system allows a company’s network to become much more efficient and dynamic, especially VOIP/SIP, over very cost effective broadband connections and allows for much more efficient utilization of network resources and traffic is pushed down to the hardware via a software defined environment with ease and limitless benefits.

This enhances network performance and business continuity through innovative link balancing, cloud computing and bandwidth management technologies and companies can leverage simultaneous ISPs, mix public and private links for added flexibility, seamless failover, increased throughput and smarter WAN path selection and connectivity.

Our architecture of SD WAN uses a central controller behind the scenes with combination of configuration management tool and route reflector to create better internet connectivity.

In software-defined networking, the intelligence behind routing and switching and the movement of data and digital voice traffic is kept within software and removed from the hardware platforms that have traditionally controlled the flow of traffic and the SD WAN injects intelligence into the network by load balancing traffic.

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Also, SD-WAN provide simplified, optimized, shortest-path and secure traffic delivery to SaaS without backhauling traffic through distant data center aggregation sites as hybrid WAN architectures often require.

With SD-WAN you can turn on cloud security services, leverage dynamic tunnel meshing, and rely on cloud gateway services to provide optimal and secure SaaS (software as a service) access from any location in the network.


Manage, view, control – easier, better, cost-effective.

SD-WAN cloud orchestration provides enterprises, unprecedented network visibility and control, and allow IT managers to define analytics-based actions so the network responds automatically, in real time, to certain activity and events.

Generally, it manages the overall visibility and management of both application-priority policies, as well as security policies, provide integrated viewing, tracking, adjusting and monitoring of the Network.

SD-WAN vs. Traditional WAN

We make your branch office agile and efficient with virtualization and cloud.

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When comparing a traditional WAN with SD-WAN Internet, we saw that SD WAN enables enterprises to deploy their wide area networks 100 times faster with 3 times, cost-savings. It easily plugs in and authenticate and it enables your branch office to set up and connect easily without IT involvement or complexity.

Advantages of SD-WAN Solutions

SD-WAN provides zero-touch deployment for distributed locations, requiring nothing more than power and network connectivity for a remote site to come online, automatically learn its configuration, and start operation.

Network Deployments:

SD-WAN solutions provide a software concept to create a network overlay and decouple network software services from the underlying hardware, with stronger processing power and advanced software features.

Simplify Branch Network

Now, SD WAN allows you to provision your branch offices faster with automated zero-touch deployment, simplified configuration, orchestration and on-going monitoring with centralized troubleshooting tools. It allows you to simplify branch infrastructure with the ability to insert network services on the branch edge, as well as in the cloud or in the regional and enterprise data centers.

Optimize Application Performance

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Therefore, SD WAN allows you to optimize application performance over Single or Hybrid or Internet links and packet balancing with direct, secure access to enterprise and cloud applications. SD-WAN provide consolidated monitoring and visibility across multiple WAN links and without coordination of any service providers.

Deliver Branch Agility

SD WAN enables multiple links, devices and services to coexist and interoperate with incumbent or hardware solutions and make the branch office agile and responsive. APIs enable integration into various management and reporting systems deployed by enterprises today.

Reduce Costs

SD WAN reduces your telecom costs (OPEX) and improves your performance with Zero Outages. At Giant World Wireless, we deliver a single or Hybrid WAN with ease and provide branch offices with ordinary and faster broadband service as top grade enterprise-grade WAN. Now you can reduce hardware-delivery costs by choosing from deployment options such as virtual-machine on a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) device, virtual machine on an existing powerful processing or x86-based router or a purpose-built system Edge device.

At Giant World Wireless, we provide affordable Networks built with variety of bundled network elements of vRouter, vSecurity, vWAN Optimization & vSBC, all chained together to mitigate the impacts of network latency, jitter, and collision, to create added Network security, in which the control, management, and data functions are physically tied together, and the bundled network elements are each provided by the same supplier, a one stop company.

We employ SD-WAN implementations to support multiple connection types and VPNs between sites that offer dynamic and flexible WAN connectivity, reducing costs on duplicate hardware’s, IT personnel’s with less than half delivery cost and improving network performance through simple management interface.

Giant World Wireless is an innovative Mobile Internet Service provider, driving Global Transformation to a Connected World.