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Earthlink Internet

Giant World Wireless now partners with Earthlink and brings you Internet at a price starting at $49.95/month.

If you are running a small to medium-sized company, you don’t need to be told about the importance of a stable internet connection without downtime or Internet interruptions. Also, as you may possibly know, is an essential part of daily living similar to water and electricity. This means having broadband internet is already a right for the public including those living in remote areas. No more blocked content.

But exactly how would you guarantee your Internet connection is always up and running?

Our Mobile Internet has a backup Internet solution. It’s built on reliable wireless Nationwide carriers, and we offer coverage that assures your network connection is never down. This means that your business and network will never go down due to a wired Internet connection failure.

Bundled connected wires

Fixed Wireless As A Backup To Primary Fiber Internet Connection

Also to overcome these challenges, and as a backup Internet connectivity, Giant World Wireless provides enterprise-class wireless Internet solutions to meet the needs of any business sizes, and leverages wired and wireless connections to extend Internet at hard-to-reach locations. It also provides temporary broadband access for events. Earthlink, Inc. (Nasdaq: Earthlink), an award-winning and leading ISP, announced that Earthlink has forged a relationship and partnered with Giant World Wireless to provide Internet services Nationwide. Our objective has always been to help areas underserved with telecommunication needs, to help both served and completely underserved areas with primary, failover, and backup Internet connectivity for their business operations, continuity, and to have constant connectivity. Our vision is pointed to helping to connect the unconnected to a connected World.

Other than these situations, Giant World Wireless also provides rapid set-up for temporary workplaces, which serves an alternative backup to fixed broadband, with secured data connectivity.

In partnership with Earthlink, our customers get more things done and it delivers easier high-speed connectivity, with a new universal plug-and-play (UPnP) with digital power adapters designed to handle multiple devices, with Gigabit Ethernet ports and dual-band Wi-Fi capacity for extended wireless network into hard-to-reach corners of the home or office, for easy interconnectivity and avoids tedious wiring. In order to learn more about Earthlink exclusive offers, click here at Earthlink.

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